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Use of Quality Standards

Access to WMQRS Quality Standards are as follows:-

1. Quality Standards that may be used freely by NHS and social care organisations across the United Kingdom for the purpose of improving health services. 

2. Quality Standards that are only available to those organisations who subscribe to access WMQRS products  

No part of the Quality Standards may be reproduced by other organisations or individuals or for other purposes without the permission of the West Midlands Quality Review Service. Organisations and individuals wishing to reproduce any part of the Quality Standards should email the West Midlands Quality Review Service on: wmqrs@nhs.net

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Quality Standards, suitable for use in quality reviews are fundamental to the clinical review processes used by WMQRS. Quality Standards are usually measures of structure and process quality (rather than outcomes) but include a) processes of collecting and using data on outcomes and b) processes for collecting information on patient and carer experience and for involving patients and carers in improving the service and care pathway.


Quality Standards follow the patient pathway and include a pathway summary. They are based on the latest national guidance and help to answer the question "If I walk into a service today, how will I know that best-practice guidance has been implemented?" Higher priority is given to NICE and other mandatory guidance than to other guidance. The Quality Standards are in a format which is suitable for inclusion in service specifications. Where national guidance is not available, Quality Standards are based on a consensus of professional and service users' and carers' views and best practice guidance.


Quality Standards are written in clear, unambiguous language and are measurable and achievable within five years by all appropriate service providers. If the Quality Standard cannot reasonably be achieved within five years then a risk-mitigating alternative is included. Quality Standards only go to the level of detail needed to show that national guidance and consensus on best practice has been implemented and allow for maximum flexibility in local implementation of this guidance and consensus. Quality Standards are consistent across services and care pathways wherever possible. The illustrative 'Demonstration of Compliance' is as easy as possible for services to achieve.

Each of the following areas is considered during the development of Quality Standards: support for patients and carers, staffing, support services, facilities and equipment, guidelines and protocols, service organisation, liaison with other services, governance and commissioning. Service users, carers, providers and commissioners have the chance to contribute to the development of the Quality Standards for their service or care pathway.

Quality Standards require reviewers to see patient identifiable information only when there is no reasonable alternative method of demonstrating compliance. Patient identifiable information is only reviewed during visits to the service concerned. An alternative method of demonstrating compliance is included for quality reviews which do not involve visiting the service concerned.

Quality Standards are cross-referenced to the Care Quality Commission (CQC) Key Lines of Enquiry so organisations can use the findings for their self-assessments and CQC submissions. More recent Quality Standards are also mapped to the BSI PAS 1616:2016 'Healthcare - Provision of Clinical Services - Specification'.

Interpretation guidance may be developed as Quality Standards are used for improving services and for reviews. Interpretation guidance will be used to ensure consistency of interpretation and will be made available to all service providers. Risk weighting of Quality Standards may also be developed and used.

Feedback on the Quality Standards

We would be grateful for any feedback on how useful you have found our Quality Standards, suggestions on how the Quality Standards could be improved and whether using our Quality Standards have resulted in improvements to your service.  You can send comments by clicking on  the link here or  emailing  the  West Midlands Quality Review Service on:  wmqrs@nhs.net

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Downloading our documents

WMQRS Quality Standards and self-assessments can be used freely by staff working in NHS organisations in the West Midlands. Other organisations should ask permission from WMQRS before using our Quality Standards and self-assessments. In order that we can monitor this, please could you complete the following:

Anyone wishing permission to use WMQRS Quality Standards and self-assessments should contact WMQRS on: swb-tr.SWBH-GM-WMQRS@nhs.net or 0121 612 2146.

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