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Being a WMQRS reviewer is hard work but good fun. Nearly all reviewers find that they have used the experience to improve their own service. All reviewers do a half day training. Each review visit is usually only one day for clinical reviewers - although may be two or three days for user reviewers, commissioners and senior managers. Potential benefits include:

  • Learning about how other services are organised
  • Sharing good practice with colleagues from other areas
  • Helping colleagues to improve the care they are able to offer
  • Preparing for your own peer review visit
  • Time spent reviewing other services also contributes towards your continuing professional development (CPD) and can be included in your CPD portfolio

NHS reviewers are nominated by their employing organisation's WMQRS lead. User reviewers are nominated through a variety of routes, depending on the review.

Reviewers need to:

  • Be committed to implementation of the Quality Standards for the service they will be reviewing
  • Have good communication and inter-personal skills including:

i. Ability to listen and understand the views of others
ii. Ability to probe and search for evidence on which to base conclusions
iii. Ability to observe and draw conclusions from observation
iv. Tact and diplomacy at all times, including when faced with difficult issues
v. Ability to work as a member of a team, respecting the contributions of others

  • Have the ability to prepare well and accurately record findings
  • Have the ability to analyse issues, evaluate information and draw conclusions from evidence received.

Professional reviewers will normally have at least two years' experience working in the role they will be undertaking during the visit or in a similar role.

As part of the programme, reviewers will be required to attend a half-day training session prior to taking part in a quality review visit. If, however, you have previously attended WMQRS peer review training you do not need to attend training again.

Upcoming Reviewer Training Dates

  • Wednesday 21st November 2018, 9.00am – 1.00pm

All the training is held at our offices in Kingston House, West Bromwich.

Call 0121 612 2146 or email wmqrs@nhs.net to find out more.

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Downloading our documents

WMQRS Quality Standards and self-assessments can be used freely by staff working in NHS organisations in the West Midlands. Other organisations should ask permission from WMQRS before using our Quality Standards and self-assessments. In order that we can monitor this, please could you complete the following:

Anyone wishing permission to use WMQRS Quality Standards and self-assessments should contact WMQRS on: swb-tr.SWBH-GM-WMQRS@nhs.net or 0121 612 2146.

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