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About West Midlands Quality Review Service

West Midlands Quality Review Service (WMQRS) is a collaborative venture by NHS organisations in the West Midlands to help improve the quality of health services by:

  • Developing evidence-based Quality Standards
  • Carrying out developmental and supportive quality reviews - often through peer review visits
  • Producing comparative information on the quality of services
  • Providing development and learning for all involved.

Expected outcomes are:

  • Better quality, safety and outcomes.
  • Better patient and carer experience.
  • Organisations with better information about the quality of clinical services.
  • Organisations with more confidence and competence in reviewing the quality of clinical services.

WMQRS works mostly in the West Midlands but also undertakes reviews across the UK. Examples of WMQRS's work can be seen in the Review Programmes section.

WMQRS was the first organisation to achieve UKAS accreditation as a health service inspection body in 2015 (Registration Number: 8831). The Health Service Journal published an article in January 2013 about the work of WMQRS. Click on the link to read: HSJ article

The WMQRS Board oversees the delivery of the WMQRS work programme and ensures WMQRS is responsive to the needs of participating organisations. WMQRS is hosted by NHS Midlands and Lancashire Commissioning Support Unit on behalf of NHS organisations in the West Midlands. 

For some review programmes, a Steering Group will normally be created with responsibility for oversight of the WMQRS work-stream.  For services and pathways without a Steering Group, the WMQRS Quality Assurance Group quality assures WMQRS Quality Standards, considers and approves reports of quality review visits, ensures consistency of interpretation of the Quality Standards, and advises on other aspects of the work of WMQRS as required.   WMQRS Quality Assurance Group Terms of Reference

More detail about the way WMQRS works can be found in the WMQRS Principles and Approach document available in the Document Library section of this website.

Reviewers: All organisations fund their own staff time and travel expenses when they are WMQRS reviewers. In return,100% WMQRS reviewers report making improvements to their own services as a result of the learning gained. Acting as a reviewer provides CPD which can be used for re-validation. Clinical leaders develop their "quality eyes" and confidence through WMQRS reviews.

Subscriptions: WMQRS core costs are covered by subscriptions. Organisations in particating STP areas get:

  • Lower price review visits
  • Permission to use all WMQRS Quality Standards and self-assessment forms
  • New and updated Quality Standards as developed
  • Free places on WMQRS reviewer training, Good Practice Sharing Events and other workshops.

Organisations interested in subscribing to WMQRS should contact us.


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Downloading our documents

WMQRS Quality Standards and self-assessments can be used freely by staff working in NHS organisations in the West Midlands. Other organisations should ask permission from WMQRS before using our Quality Standards and self-assessments. In order that we can monitor this, please could you complete the following:

Anyone wishing permission to use WMQRS Quality Standards and self-assessments should contact WMQRS on: swb-tr.SWBH-GM-WMQRS@nhs.net or 0121 612 2146.

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